Asphalt repair

If the asphalt on the driveway has path or driveway cracks or holes, repair instead of pouring a new one. Asphalt is an inexpensive material used in many ways, roads and driveways. Asphalt requires regular maintenance to protect against damage. Cheap asphalt sealing their existing cracks and prevents it from becoming the largest, and does not need any special skills to repair asphalt. Allow about two to three hours to repair the asphalt road.


  • Dent loose asphalt with his shovel and deck of the damaged area on their way. Dig about 12 inches and gravel and rocks shovel in the hole. Tamp the gravel and rocks until they sit flat.
  • Add mix according to manufacturer’s instructions. Apply it on gravel and rocks tamped in layers 2 inches with his knife. Cut patch with the shovel, as it releases air bubbles.
  • Continue adding and tamp until a mound about 1/2 inch above the road. Tamp firmly mound patching compound.
  • Sprinkle sand in your patch to prevent tracking. If you are repairing your input, your car and drive back on the patch until it is flush with the existing roadway.
  • Pour a generous amount of asphalt sealer on your patch to seal it. Work the sealant in the patch with the roller. Seal your entire entry for a uniform look.