Open your office – How to Hire A Team Part 3

Hire other employees. At a minimum you will have to hire a receptionist and an accountant, and, in addition, you will have to find employees that work well with others and with you. It is also important that you understand the hiring and firing rules of your area and you will have to follow the […]

Open your office Part 2

Find resources appropriate to the type of practice you want to perform. The different organizations of the medical society have available resources for members who wish to establish their own practices. These resources can include templates for documentation, legal documents and planning tools. Research your specialty in the medical society in order to find resources […]

How to open a doctor’s office

Having your own doctor’s office or medical practice can represent your freedom in order to be your own boss and to choose your own patients. If you think about opening your own practice, you will have to be organized and you must have a plan. You will also have to be a licensed doctor and […]