Descriptions of the works of a construction company

A lot of positions in a construction company work together to complete a successful project. Each station works at a different stage of the building process to make it easier for a building to fit the schedule and height.


An architect designs the building. He meets with the client to determine expectations, examines the location of the building, and then gathers plans and models of the proposed project. Once the project begins, the architect obtains permits and makes sure that the building members comply with the plans of the building.

Geotechnical engineer

A geotechnical engineer evaluates the site floor of a new construction before it begins. The result of the evaluation helps the architect and the construction company determine the best type of foundation for the building.

Electrical contractor

The electrical contractor is responsible for the electrical work being the remodeled or new buildings, such as cable installations, system upgrades and new systems designs.

Environmental engineer

The job of the environmental engineer is to ensure that the construction process is in order and that construction members and their work are in compliance with local, regional and state environmental laws and regulations.

Landscape contractor

The landscape contractor designs the patios and gardens for a new or refurbished building. He works with the client and the architect to design a landscape that complements the building.