Distribution of construction materials

Sales management

Manage your sales with un software of distribution of construction material, taking into account any promotion that affects them, such as promotions of net price, volume discounts, etc.

Make reservations of goods, communicate to your customers the receipt of orders by email or SMS, visualize in the ERP the latest sales made to the customer and link their orders with delivery notes and invoices easily, either billing the delivery notes to each client or to a central payment if necessary.

Control of collections and payments

Realize, in our ERP software for companies of distribution of construction materials, collections to customers and payments to suppliers thanks to our portfolio module in which you can remit your due dates through the different banking rules, all connected with your electronic banking. You can also take control of your cashier through a complete treasury management.


Manage from the beginning the traceability of your articles using measurements, thicknesses, colors, finishes, etc., in our program for distribution of construction materials.

Find out at all times to which suppliers you have purchased a certain lot since customers have served them, as required by current regulations.

Warehouse management and location

Arrange with our ERP software of all the warehouses you need, carry out merchandise transfers between warehouses or inventories in a simple way, using handheld devices, avoiding errors and speeding up inventories or seeing the valuation of the inventory month by month. In the distribution of construction materials it is essential to control the warehouse and our vertical controls it perfectly.

If your warehouse has locations, you can indicate and find out where each item is located, so that you can make the most of the space you have in your warehouse and streamline the picking processes.

Mobility, pre-sale and auto-sales

Provide your sales teams with construction materials with the best software tools to make their sales and collections.

Manage, find out and optimize the routes that your commercial teams carry out and do not worry about the synchronization of mobile devices with the central server, it is done manually or automatically and in a few seconds.

If you also have vehicles with which you do auto sales, you can easily manage the transfer of goods between the central warehouse and the vehicles and issue the invoices from the vehicle itself or from the belt printer. Automatically synchronize the ERP management program for the distribution of building materials and sanitation with your mobile devices.


In a few minutes and without programming knowledge, you can have your online store, with the guarantee that everything will work perfectly. Expose your products on the web, make life easier for your customers and get better productivity.


General, multi-company and multi-year accounting, will help you to have the most complete information about the economic status of your company thanks to the general accounting, departmental analytical, budgetary, amortization, fiscal, direct estimation, reports, annual accounts, balance sheets, reports … that complete the information entered through the newspaper.


Get with our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) the tool that will help you attract and retain your customers. With it you can know the contacts, operations, statistics and products purchased by any customer. You can also carry out mailing campaigns or have centralized mail within the distribution program of construction materials.

Establish and identify business opportunities, create business campaigns, establish holidays and have a correct control of everything concerning your customers, suppliers or budgets, orders, delivery notes and invoices.

Personalize it to your needs

Expand fields to the database and they will be integrated automatically for reports, windows, filters … You can select the interface language for each user, the language in which budgets are sent, delivery notes, invoices … both to our customers as suppliers, the language of electronic commerce … Creation of unlimited additional data associated with the different tables of the application; configuring its type, behavior, functionality … being integrated as printable values ​​in lists and reports, acting as filters in obtaining them, being able to formulate with them …

We can also create fields in the windows and add programming tailored to the needs of the company, without affecting the standard kernel of the program. Any customized customization will work without problems in future versions of the ERP software for the distribution of construction and sanitary materials.


Use the large number of reports available to the application and, if required, modify these reports or create new reports with our report editing tool.

Access from the report data directly to the maintenance of the client, article, document, etc.

Document management

Include documentation to articles, clients, suppliers or purchase or sale documents (catalogs, photographs, quality controls, certifications, claims, etc.) through integrated document management, this will help you inform your customers of all the characteristics of its products for construction.

Touch TPV

Have a great agility at the time of making sales thanks to its touch screen that will allow us not only to make tickets intuitively but also perform functions such as hold ticket waiting, generate vouchers, make cash transactions, and charge with multiple Payment Methods…

Tariff imports

Import your articles, prices, photographs, suppliers, electrical equipment or hardware.

Project and facility management

If you also provide construction companies or promoters of material and want to invoice and control the certification of the material sold and installed, you can use the project module.

Import your budgets from BC3 format

Control your projects from a single window. You can analyze all the project data as resources used, deviations from costs, certifications and retentions, follow-up agenda, document management of plans, contracts…

Define your staff, machinery, subcontractors … you can establish hierarchical groupings by categories or groups. For each resource, you can establish specific costs and work schedules, as well as analyze your allocations to projects along with other types of incidents.

Generate the execution planning of the items of your project and the associated resources, being able to exploit the information graphically or numerically.

Issue partial or origin certifications, with the possibility of recording measurements or percentages. Automatically invoice the pending certifications and control the payment forecasts, as well as the retentions as guarantee.