Fix potholes in the asphalt quickly and effectively

To repair potholes in asphalt, we have at our disposal cold asphalt to be applied directly from the container to the pothole that simple.

Properties of these products:

  • Repairing allows easy and convenient way
  • Remains elastic and durable.

How to use:

  1. Clean the pothole first; clean up any dust it well.
  2. Then pour the product directly on the patch, filling with excess to protrude slightly above the pavement. That way when you step on and smash stay at the same level as the pavement.
  3. Use a trowel or a wooden plank or something flat, and give crushing blows. It is important to continuously use a tool to smooth, as if not wet asphalt would stay stuck and would withdraw unintentionally.

According to the manufacturers, you can walk on the pothole normally when you are done.

Terms of use:

  • The surface must be completely dry;
  • Do not apply with temperatures below 5 degrees.

These products are in every store building and the price is about 13 $ per bucket of 15 lbs.