How to build a raised concrete patio

Construction of a raised concrete patio separates a comfortable outdoor space wet and muddy ground. The courtyard of the facility is a two-part project that includes the construction of a retaining wall base and pour in the concrete surface. Consider sealing cement with a pattern to add texture to the courtyard. Coupons can make a concrete surface to bricks, natural stone or other designs resembles.


  • Spray a scheme raised patio with landscape painting, using 2-by-4 to provide a straight edge, if your yard is rectangular or hose if round.
  • Remove all sod and root systems contoured area to prevent weeds growing under the foundation. Digging along the contour to create a deep trench 12 inches and 9 inches wide around the edge of the site.
  • Libra sabotage of the tool over the trench for the foundation of a stable surface for the retaining wall. .
  • Shovel 6 inches of gravel on the surface of the trench and push down until the stones are packed.
  • Mix a packet of ready-mixed mortar with water in a wheelbarrow. Shovel piles of mortar in the trench and extending to the edge of a blade.
  • Place the first course of blocks for retaining walls in the mortar. Place next to each other against the outer edge of the ditch.
  • Mortar spread over the first year once it is completed. Alternate the second course so that each block is the joint top two blocks below it. Extends 1/8 inch of mortar on the sides of each block and pressed together. Place a spirit level on top courses as brick work and adjust as necessary until the bricks are level.
  • Build the retaining wall to the desired height for the concrete patio.
  • Fill the inside of the retaining walls with 3-inch layer of gravel at a time; tamp the layers before adding more gravel. Stop adding gravel as the surface is 4 inches from the top of the walls. Place the level on top and set the gravel with a 2-by-4 until it is level. Wire mesh roll across the gravel surface and the corners for fixing goal.
  • Cement mixed with water in a cement mixer or wheelbarrow. Use a shovel to move the cement gravel surface. Spread the cement with the back of a shovel and slide a 2 by 4 across the surface. Continue adding and smoothing the cement until it is level with the top of the walls.
  • Run a blade end along a control board straight 2-for-4 score in cement every 3 feet. Alternatively, press seals in wet cement for a printed design surface.