How to open a doctor’s office

Having your own doctor’s office or medical practice can represent your freedom in order to be your own boss and to choose your own patients. If you think about opening your own practice, you will have to be organized and you must have a plan. You will also have to be a licensed doctor and have completed all the necessary training in your profession.

In all countries there are public organizations to help entrepreneurs. In the Additional resources section, you will find the way to contact the organization corresponding to your country.

Start your university studies. Before going to a medical school, most places in the world will require you to complete a college degree. Some medical schools have prerequisite courses that you must complete as part of your university studies. These usually include basic science courses such as Chemistry and Biology, as well as some possible courses on physiology and human anatomy. The objective of the prerequisite courses is to prepare you for the type of material you will study in medical school.

However, some medical schools are more flexible and will accept fewer prerequisite courses. Verify what they ask you in the medical school that interests you.

Go to medical school. Once you have completed the prerequisite courses and university studies, apply to the medical schools that interest you. Your best bet will be to apply to several different schools since entering one can be highly competitive.

Medicine schools normally last four years in total. The study requirements are very intensive, therefore, prepare yourself for a heavy work load.

You will have to be prepared to dedicate most of your life to school during these years. It will be necessary to prioritize meticulously relationships, hobbies and passions to balance the work required in order to complete medical school. Consider if you are prepared to make this type of sacrifice.

Decide your medical specialty. Once you complete medical school, you will have to decide if you want to be a general practitioner (general practitioner) or continue your studies to be a specialist doctor (for example, a psychiatrist, emergency doctor, internal medicine, surgeon, among other specialties). It will usually take you about two years of postgraduate studies to obtain a license as a general practitioner and almost five years or more of postgraduate studies to be a medical specialist.

When choosing the field, you want, keep in mind the lifestyle of the specialty that you consider as well as the availability of work in your area.

Complete your residence and medical internship. Once you have chosen your desired field of study, you will have to apply for a medical residency or boarding school. The requirements will depend on where you choose to practice. This stage of your training is paid and usually involves extensive work in a hospital where you will go through several areas; however, you will focus on your areas of interest. It usually lasts two to five years before you become a licensed or specialist doctor.

Consider the type of office you want to open. Once you are a licensed doctor, you can decide if you would like to work more in a hospital setting or open your own private practice. The positions in hospitals are usually governed by a salary where you will work as a hospital employee, while a private practice will involve opening your own company and having your own patients.

What follows in this article assumes that you will start your own medical office.