How to repair asphalt speed bumps

Asphalt caps are superior to modern removable speed bumps because the asphalt is solid. Removable speed bumps loosen after some time of use. There is the asphalt stops have no problems. They chip and crumble, but can be repaired much easier than removable speed bumps. With the right materials and knowledge can repair the asphalt stops in one or two hours.


  • Use an ax to chip loose asphalt around the affected area of ​​Baden. Chip need any spare parts and the new asphalt is solid old asphalt can be secured.
  • Using a broom and shovel sweep the area thoroughly to remove any small pieces of asphalt and other debris. The cleaner the area is more chance that the patch will last.
  • Fill the area with asphalt repair cold patch. Cold patch is called because there needs to be heated when applied as a regular asphalt. Ensure that the entire area is filled with cold patch.
  • Stamp the cold patch with a sealing tool to make sure is packed tight in the affected area. Sealing is important because it makes the denser cold patch and is likely to last.