Open your office – How to Hire A Team Part 3

Hire other employees. At a minimum you will have to hire a receptionist and an accountant, and, in addition, you will have to find employees that work well with others and with you. It is also important that you understand the hiring and firing rules of your area and you will have to follow the appropriate protocol when selecting employees for your company.

Decide whether you would like to associate with other doctors or not. If you associate, you will need the help of a lawyer in order to establish a comprehensive office agreement. Even if you want to work on your own as a chief doctor, you may consider a team agreement for all your clinic employees, describing objectives and expectations of how the practice works. Formalizing your employment relationship with other doctors or with your clinic staff can help you ensure that the company works in the best way possible once you start.

Establish clear lines and job expectations for your employees. This will increase the chances of success with your coworkers and will also decrease the hidden costs that are related to staff turnover. You will also have to find ways to control your staff, evaluate performance and provide feedback on a regular basis. This will help them feel appreciated and guided as to what they expect. It will also increase efficiency and effectiveness in the way your company will operate, all of which will be important for long-term success.